We are Moritz and Maximilian Schlanstedt from Intermail. We send things. But we also store, pack, (pre-)print, and optimize. Complete fulfillment, in short. Do you believe your shipping process could be perfected? Let's talk about it!

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Eine Frau und zwei Männer stehen in einem Lager. Sie halten Mappen mit Papieren in der Hand, links steht ein Regal mit Kartons.
As a start-up entrepreneur, at some point, you'll need to scale your business growth. It can be beneficial to outsource fulfillment to an external service provider.


Up-to-date Inserts with our In-house Printing and Design Team

Need a flyer, voucher, or card to include in your packages quickly? No problem, we print those ourselves, right here on-site! And if the cards need to be handwritten, we can manage that too. (But please let us know in advance – after all, we need to ensure the employee with the best handwriting has enough time!)

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Professional fulfillment takes your company to the next level. The result: satisfied customers.


Optimized shipping saves you time, money, and nerves – we also handle returns for you.


The packaging determines whether your product arrives undamaged and can save you money.


Quickly print a flyer or a voucher and include it in the package? We'll take care of that for you!