Here's what we handle for you in terms of fulfillment

What Sets Us Apart

We provide truly personalized fulfillment. I mean, truly personalized. If you want to ship windshield wipers, we have the appropriate windshield wiper box for that. Need custom flyers in the package? Not only can we include them, but we can also print them. Do you want the flyers to be included only in packages shipped to Spain? Consider it done! 

Customer care is also personalized: When you call us, you get through to us – not stuck in the hold queue of an external service provider. At INTERMAIL, customer communication means you tell us directly what you need. And we jointly consider how we can best implement it. 

Because we take a close look at your products and your shipping, you also receive highly individualized advice. How can you ship something to the USA most cost-effectively, or why is cash on delivery mandatory for shipments to Spain? We know. And you benefit from this knowledge when we work together! 

Do you want to conveniently outsource the storage and shipping of your products? Contact us!


Optimized shipping saves you time, money, and nerves – we also handle returns for you.


The packaging determines whether your product arrives undamaged and can save you money.


Quickly print a flyer or a voucher and include it in the package? We'll take care of that for you!

For Startups

Save yourself from the fulfillment teething problems and start off with professional support from the beginning.