2. Shortage of Personnel: Getting the Family Involved? It's Better with a Shipping Service Provider

Your product unexpectedly experiences high demand, and your webshop generates significant revenue? Congratulations – your business is on a growth trajectory. Now, shipping becomes a critical aspect. In such situations, many small businesses or startups often rely on family members to pitch in for packing and shipping. While this might seem like a logical solution, it's burdensome, error-prone, and not a sustainable approach. A professional shipping service provider like INTERMAIL, on the other hand, handles your fulfillment through all the ups and downs. You won't need to rely on your family or friends for these tasks, nor will you have to factor in additional personnel costs. Of course, demand and shipping volume can fluctuate. Therefore, when choosing a shipping service provider, make sure you aren't contractually bound to a specific monthly shipment count.